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Craving real conversations that linger long after the screen fades? Leiti’s live events are your ticket to a world of genuine connections that skip the shallow and embrace the soul.

A peek into what I do

A wanderlust fueled by flavors

Whether online or IRL, Leiti makes a crowd of strangers feel as if they’ve known her—and anyone she’s interviewing—for ages. She combines her diverse network and vast knowledge of food, culture, and storytelling to craft one-of-a-kind gatherings that stimulate the mind and tastebuds. When she commits to bringing a concept to life, she invests her full energy and always delivers. I’ve witnessed firsthand on three unique occasions (one of which we hired her for as a speaker)—and was wowed each time

Clients say

uniquely thrilling

“She made me think of my childhood.”

Katharine Zarrella, Fashion Director, Wall Street Journal

“Leiti hypnotizes a room of people to drop their inhibitions and connect at another level, instantly.”

Jason Young, visual artist

“Leiti Hsu runs a popular dinner party variety show.”

NYTimes “The Era of Audio Creators Has Arrived”