Leiti Hsu: Your Host Extraordinaire, Where Connections Bloom Like Cherry Blossoms

Imagine an artist, writer, producer, and entrepreneur rolled into one. That’s Leiti Hsu (@leitihsu), a creative powerhouse who weaves magic with events, experiences, and conversations. Leiti’s not just your average party planner; she’s a connection alchemist, transforming gatherings into unforgettable journeys of self-discovery and shared humanity.

Her canvas? The world. From the icy plains of Antarctica to the bustling streets of New York Fashion Week, Leiti has hosted on all seven continents, leaving a trail of awestruck guests and glowing reviews in her wake. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Vogue, CNN – her name graces the pages of publications that know a thing or two about unforgettable experiences.

But Leiti’s magic goes beyond mere spectacle. She crafts events that touch the soul, evoking emotions and fostering genuine connections. Her signature touch? Making guests feel seen, heard, and utterly out of their comfort zones (in the best way possible).

Need proof?

  • Taiwanese beef noodle soup dance party in Antarctica? Leiti did that.
  • A private Roving Omakase for Justin and Hailey Bieber’s Valentine’s Day? Leiti is on speed dial.
  • Turning a lockdown blues into a global celebration of food heroes? Leiti says, “Hold my sake.”

Her resume reads like a whirlwind adventure. From Merrill Lynch to GOURMET magazine, Leiti has navigated the worlds of finance and food with equal aplomb. She founded Journy, a personalized travel planning startup that made thousands of trips around the world unforgettable. And let’s not forget her early days interviewing culinary legends like Ruth Reichl, all thanks to a well-placed cold call.

Leiti’s not just a host; she’s an experience. She’s the spark that ignites conversations, the glue that binds strangers, and the catalyst for unexpected moments of joy. So, if you’re looking for an event that’s more than just a party, one that leaves you feeling connected, inspired, and utterly transformed, then look no further than Leiti Hsu.

Ready to embark on your own Leiti-led adventure?

Leiti Hsu: Where connections bloom like cherry blossoms, and every event is a masterpiece waiting to be painted.

P.S. Don’t forget to ask about the bricks, induction woks, A.I. technology, and carbon-negative diamonds. Leiti’s world is one of endless possibilities, and you’re never quite sure what wonder awaits around the corner.

“I was blown away by the extraordinary experience Leiti Hsu curates for her Dream Dinner Party on Clubhouse. From the arrival of the fantastic IRL food component—delectable Japanese Wagyu—through the lineup of fascinating guests, to the moderation of fun interactions (I’ve never had to show an entire audience the contents of my fridge before!), Leiti produces one of the most engaging experiences I’ve ever had on Clubhouse” –Cindy Gallop, Founder & CEO, MakeLoveNotPorn






Proven Exciting





  • DREAM DINNER PARTY in monthly residency at Gospel (top nightclub in Soho, NYC) 7 shows in 2022 [SIZZLE]
  • DREAM DINNER PARTY for Aether carbon-negative diamond company to entertain buyers in town during JCK, the world’s largest jewelry/watches annual trade show (private residence, Las Vegas)
  • DINING DOMINATRIX as THE INTROVERTED JELLYFISH, host/emcee fashion show for Glen-Gery brick manufacturer collaboration Spring 2023 NYFW at showroom Brickworks Design Studio [SIZZLE]
  • ROVING OMAKASE for singles looking for love May [VIDEOS] June [PHOTOS | VIDEOS] 2023 @ Gospel
  • DINING DOMINATRIX onscreen talent, behind-the-scenes interviews, curating artists and food, production/presence ensures vibe to drive on-camera performance on set of metaverse concert for Paul Oakenfold (LA) [GLIMPSE]
  • ROVING OMAKASE for 12 influential Asian culture loving artists/entrepreneurs Chinese New Year for Remy Martin [SIZZLE]
  • ROVING OMAKASE for 21 women investors on behalf of Fleur du Mal [PHOTOS]
  • ROVING OMAKASE for 100 VIPs hosted for Barbarian Group CEO (office HQ in NYC) [SIZZLE]
  • CULINARY AWARDS SHOW EMCEE hired by United Talent Agency for Chinese media company honored LA talent [LINK]
  • ROVING OMAKASE cooked/hosted for 20 startup marketers for private community Thursday Club
  • ROVING OMAKASE produced/hosted for 50 guests to drive business development for “Moving you to bcc”
  • ROVING OMAKASE for 20 friends in the arts/ballet for the birthday of head of weddings for The Plaza Hotel
  • ROVING OMAKASE for 80 singles on Valentine’s Day for a dating app launch (economist Nouriel Roubini’s penthouse in NYC) [PHOTOS]
  • ROVING OMAKASE for Summit Series welcome home decompression [PHOTOS]
  • ROVING OMAKASE for 15 powerhouse women (private home in Washington, D.C.) [PHOTOS]
  • ROVING OMAKASE as private birthday for startup / fashion influencers [PHOTOS]
  • ROVING OMAKASE for REALITY Israel Harvest celebration for 200 community members
  • ROVING OMAKASE for 60 high-net-worth guests for deluxe Scotch brand Glenthrothes on behalf of agency Hudson Cutler (penthouse in NYC) [PHOTOS]
  • ROVING OMAKASE for Justin and Hailey Bieber on Valentine’s Day (private residence in LA)
  • ROVING OMAKASE for Brain Tumor Foundation fundraiser [PHOTOS]
  • ROVING OMAKASE popup in an Airstream “World’s Shortest Omakase” [PHOTOS]
  • ROVING OMAKASE at American Irish Historical Society [PHOTOS]
  • ROVING OMAKASE for chef Oona Tempest’s birthday [PHOTOS]
  • HOUSE OF JAPANESE WAGYU popup for music + food illuminati (backyard in LA) [ART | FOOD]
  • NOODLE SOUP DANCE PARTY for Summit Series (Eden, UT – Powder Mountain) [SIZZLE]
  • NOODLE SOUP DANCE PARTY hosted in restaurant kitchens on behalf of Remy Martin, activation and tasting before or after service
  • NOODLE SOUP DANCE PARTY for Remy Martin, cohosted with Asian artist, chefs, influencers Lunar New Year / Nadya Okamoto birthday
  • NOODLE SOUP DANCE PARTY for 150+ people who move people for Daybreaker, whales came out to play that day, happened to be my birthday, Blondish DJ’ed – warm-up – storytelling, comedy, spoken word poetry (Antarctica) [LINK]
  • DINING DOMINATRIX as THE INTROVERTED JELLYFISH, emcee for Harmonia Fall 2022 show at New York Fashion Week [SIZZLE]
  • BANANA GLORY HOLE “Changing lives by giving you the permission to put it in your mouth” art piece and performance for invited attendees of three parties at Art Basel 2021, e.g. fundraiser for Burning Man Org (private mansions in Miami, FL)
  • CULTURAL APPRECIATION VS. APPROPRIATION talk and audience discussion at Summit Series (Eden, Utah) [LINK]
  • HOW TO SCALE COOL talk for boutique/luxury hoteliers: owners, executives and marketers (conference in Miami, FL)
  • HOW TO SCALE COOL for American Express Small Business Saturday (NYC) [LINK]


    • Worked with 200+ chefs, trade, e-commerce retailers, butchers, journalists, influencers across four markets
    • Zoom broadcast from Tokyo, NYC, LA simultaneously during pandemic lockdown) [IG STORY SET 1 | IG STORY SET 2 | SIZZLE]
  • WORLD’S BIGGEST FAMILY MEAL with chef Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore for hospitality industry, friends and fans to fundraise for Food For Soul (Zoom/Clubhouse during pandemic lockdown) [LAUNCH | DONATE]
  • DREAM DINNER PARTY // JAPANESE WAGYU ASMR SIZZLE JAM SESSION hosted to promote Wagyu beef, the biggest event on the audio platform that week (Clubhouse during pandemic lockdown) [HIGHLIGHTS | NYTimes]
  • DREAM DINNER PARTY culinary experiences for clients/stakeholders on Zoom for Barbarian Group, Adobe, AllianceBernstein

Content (TV / video)

  • Produced, hosted, distributed 20 videos for Singapore Tourism Board covering World’s 50 Best [RED CARPET COVERAGE]
  • Produced, hosted, distributed Tasmania editorial campaign [WINE] [ART] [FOOD]
  • Produced, hosted Nona Lim fundraising campaign, favorited by Kickstarter HQ, exceeded goal by 400% [PRODUCT EXPLAINER]
  • Hosted TV infomercial for kitchen equipment manufacturer NuWave induction wok launch [LINK]
  • Produced/hosted BYOB Beyond Bordeaux, a four-city, 10-episode webseries showcasing educational fun facts, food and wine pairings and the story of Bordeaux wines with top chefs/spots. [SIZZLE]
  • HOUSE OF JAPANESE WAGYU // WAGYU SANDO WORLD TOUR Hosted for Tastemade (7.4M followers)
  • Won campaign, produced, hosted, distributed to millions a set of Taiwan web documentary CTA-driven videos with Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods [LINK]
  • “STRESS BETTER” mini-documentary protagonist for 10% Happier, news anchor Dan Harris’ meditation and mental health platform



  • Hosting—emceeing/speaking/moderating/interviewing
  • Curation—of food, beverage, art, collaborators and others elements
  • Production—end-to-end turnkey event planning (I’ll do more with your budget with my creativity, prioritization, goodwill)
  • Guestlist—word-of-mouth promo beyond PR. Ensure attendance of targets like influencers, journalists, potential customers/investors, wealthy individuals
  • Content—Photo and video package at every budget, step and repeat interviews, event sizzle, fun/sexy candid, IG Reels and TikTok ready captures for evergreen use (highly recommended), artful yet results-oriented


  • Business strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Community strategy
  • Film/video/photo
  • Interviewing/podcasts
  • Sales/growth/business development
    • Deep, vast network globally
    • Hospitality industry and beyond


  • Be remembered and loved for hosting this experience—MORE, please!
  • Organically what comes of it—brand and community-building, brand lift and LOVE, attendance, sales, investment, connection…FOMO. Folks have been known to fall in love!
  • Make key stakeholders (You, your boss, your mom at your wedding) comfortable and happy.
  • Make your guests/participants feel seen, heard, connected.
  • …what’s consistent is guaranteed, unpredictable magic, beyond customized with care. Leiti cares.


  • Diverse, deep experience marketing campaign across two years for the Japanese government working with 100+ partners with millions of impressions online/IRL about Japanese Wagyu to hosting Roving Omakase for Justin and Hailey Bieber on Valentine’s Day.
  • Dream Dinner Party show was a hit on Clubhouse 2021, turned into a 2022 residency at Gospel in Soho (top NYC nightclub) to continue in 2023.
  • As seen in the NYTimes, Vogue, Wall Street Journal, and CNN for her person, work/art, and voice.
  • Experience on all seven continents.



Those in attendance get various benefits from an event hosted by Leiti. Always uncanny connection: new friends, business deals, collaborations and even love matches. Here are some quotes.

“She made me think of my childhood.” —Katharine Zarrella, Fashion Director, Wall Street Journal

“I am not just saying this, but that was the best room I’ve ever been in on Clubhouse.”

—David Tejeras

“Not what I expected at all—or I didn’t know what to expect. A hypnotist makes a room of people moo. Leiti hypnotizes a room of people to drop their inhibitions (with or without the requisite 2.5 drinks) and connect at another level, instantly.” —Jason Young, visual artist

“Whether online or IRL, Leiti makes a crowd of strangers feel as if they’ve known her—and anyone she’s interviewing—for ages. She combines her diverse network and vast knowledge of food, culture, and storytelling to craft one-of-a-kind gatherings that stimulate the mind and tastebuds. When she commits to bringing a concept to life, she invests her full energy and always delivers. I’ve witnessed firsthand on three unique occasions (one of which we hired her for as a speaker)—and was wowed each time.”

—Alexa Brandt, Director, American Express Small Business Saturday

“Leiti Hsu runs a popular dinner party variety show.” —NYTimes “The Era of Audio Creators Has Arrived”

“I was blown away by the extraordinary experience Leiti Hsu curates for her Dream Dinner Party on Clubhouse. From the arrival of the fantastic IRL food component—delectable Japanese Wagyu—through the lineup of fascinating guests, to the moderation of fun interactions (I’ve never had to show an entire audience the contents of my fridge before!), Leiti produces one of the most engaging experiences I’ve ever had on Clubhouse”

—Cindy Gallop, Founder & CEO, MakeLoveNotPorn

Leiti sparkles! She’s captivating, and inquisitive, with just the right amount of self-deprecating humor that makes people feel happy, tickled, and wiser after being with her…so much so that she 10X sales results with an event series she designed for us.

—Lauren Zander, founder of Handel Group, coaches CEOs, MIT, Sequoia Capital, Hugh Jackman, Dr. Mark Hyman, Questlove

Leiti brings the perfect balance of introspection and humor to a conversation. She’s able to quickly distill thoughtful ideas with a smile. Her energy is unparalleled.

—Aisha Ali, Financial Advisor, AllianceBernstein

“She takes down the fourth wall, opens up that fourth dimension.” —Erica Feiler, business development executive

“I was so moved by her poem. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.” —Laura

“I fell in love and moved across the country.” —Fatema

“I made two new actual friends. Leiti always gathers the best people—or people are made to be kinder and their best selves in her presence, when she hosts.” —Bolor

“I want my young son to witness you onstage. He’s American growing up in Abu Dhabi, and we want him to experience women fully expressed.” —guest at Dream Dinner Party @ Gospel

“I want to hire you for my wedding, and I haven’t even met my person (yet)!” —guest at February 2022 Dream Dinner Party @ Gospel